Legislative Consulting

Shattuck & Associates is a legislative consulting firm offering a full-range of government relations services. Our firm possesses nearly 50 years of lobbying experience with relationships established at all levels of state government. Our services are Client Focused and are uniquely designed to meet the specific needs of the client.

Government Relations

We provide a complete array of government relations services where we:

  • Act as THE government relations team with a complete set of services;
  • Complement the in-house staff of the client with services to initiate and protect the broad client interests;
  • Focus services on a specific legislative issue , legislation, regulation or other state government problem needing targeted attention by the client; and
  • Participate in a coalition on behalf of the client targeting specific legislators or decision-makers in state government to assist the client in meeting a broader objective.
  • Our Client List

    APSA of Illinois
    Associated Builders & Contractors – Illinois Chapter
    Consumer Technology Association
    Humana Inc. & Subsidiaries
    Illinois Association of Groundwater Professionals
    Illinois Chamber of Commerce
    Illinois School Transportation Association
    Midwest-Southeastern Equipment Dealers Association
    Technology & Manufacturing Association

    Client Need

    Shattuck Service

    How We Get It Done

    Concise, focused & timely communications

    1. Bill & Regulation tracking
    2. Client communications
    3. Communicate ongoing activity

    1. Review all bill introductions & amendments; each client (priority & monitor files)/cross check with other interest groups; Monitor Illinois Register for proposed and adopted agency regulations
    2. Email/phone conferences with main client contact
    3. Weekly summary legislative reports during session; monthly otherwise; on key issues ASAP; legislative written updates; end of session report; Governor action report

    Assistance in issue and initiative development

    1. Research
    2. Issue development

    Work with client to identify strengths and weaknesses; attend Board meetings and Committee meetings; develop priorities and positions; develop initiatives and strategy

    Quality & impactful representation

    Lobby Illinois General Assembly and state government decision-makers

    Communication of client positions to lawmakers, legislative staff, constitutional officers and their staffs, and state agency staff; prepare position papers and issue analysis; create and participate in coalitions; assist with committee testimony and provide committee testimony; draft legislation and amendments

    Access to decision-makers

    Assist and coordination of activities

    Assist and coordinate meetings with legislators in Springfield and in district; assist and coordinate meetings with Governor, other constitutional officers and staff; assist & coordinate meetings with legislative leaders; assist & coordinate meetings with Agency leadership

    Relationship Building

    Deepening relationships

    Our years of involvement and engagement provides clients value by allowing us to assist the client in building and deepening relationships important in attaining success

    Political Action

    Assist in establishing, marketing and advising political action committee activities

    Looking to create a PAC or make your current political giving more effective, we can assist with by-laws, marketing and building your PAC; we assess legislator responsiveness and recommend levels of political support