Our Philosophy

Today, it is critical that lobbying activities are provided at the highest of ethical and legal levels. Compliance with the many changes to Illinois’ lobbying registration and reporting requirements have not been an issue or concern as we have always maintained and acted using only the highest of ethical standards and integrity.

To maintain and eliminate any perception of conflict, Shattuck & Associates Consulting, Inc. at all times upholds and maintains the highest of ethical standards, meeting and exceeding all state and federal laws, including but not limited to lobbyist filings, lobbying expenditures and reporting requirements and political action committee reporting. We continually communicate with our clients to avoid any potential conflict situations.

We firmly believe that having a visible presence at the Capitol whenever the General Assembly is in session is critical to our ability to represent our clients. Our consistent presence at the State Capitol allows us to be abreast of the day’s activities, gather important information from legislators, legislative staff and key decision makers in the state government process, network with other lobbyists on important issues, and be available to initiate and react on behalf of our clients to matters that often occur behind the scenes at the State Capitol.